Full day

(8 hours) 10:00 – 18:00



(4 hour) 15:00 – 19:00



(4 hours) 10:00 – 14:00


Afternoon + Sunset

(6 hours) 15:00 – 21:00


Our policies

Reservation and payment policies

To formalize the reservation, the 20 % of the total import must be paid in advance.

The remaining 80% of the payment has to be done by cash or card at check-in, or by transfer at last 48h. before ( you’ll receive more detailed information in the confirmation email).

Cancellation policies

Cancellations by the client

If you want to cancel the reservation, contact us as soon as possible. Call us (  +34 639 16 41 37 ) or send us an email ( ).

If the cancellation is due to an illnes or duly justified reasons, 15 % of the total import will be refunded. The remaining 5% will be used for administration expenses. If the cancellation hasn’t got a duly justified reason, the advance payment (20% ) won’t be reimbursed to the client.

Cancellations due to weather conditions

As we are in a boat, we are dependent on meteorology. If the captain considers that the weather conditions aren’t the best ones to enjoy the navigation, we will do everything in our power to move Lívia to a zone of the island where the wind and the sea are a bit more on our side.

In case the trip had to be cancelled, there would be the possibility of changing the date of the trip, within the same season and (if possible ) for a trip of the same type.

If the trip finally couldn’t be done, a 15% of the total import will be returned. The remaining 5% will be used for administration expenses.

Cancellations by Mar de Menorca

In case of cancellation due to boat damage, or unavailability of the captain, there would be the possibility of changing the date of the trip, if the client wishes so.

Otherwise the advance payment will be returned in its totality.

*In any case…

* If the client had already done the second payment ( the remaining 80% of the total amount of the reservation, by transfer and before the check-in ) by the time the trip has to be cancelled, this 80% + the 15% (or the corresponding percentage of the advanced payment ) will be (obviously) returned to the client.

* In case a change of date has to be done, it will be agreed between the captain and the client. Please, do not make this change on your own, through the web’s booking engine.

The client must understand that his availability could not match with our booking calendar; which means that a date change could also involve a change on the “type” of trip. 

For example: a “Full Day” (8h) excursion has been cancelled. Let’s suppose that the client has availability during the three following days, and that within this three days an “Afternoon + Sunset” trip (6h) is the most we can offer you. 

In these cases, if the client agreed with the date change despite the modification of length and departure time, calculation will be made as the total payment concurs with the kind of trip that is finally done.